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Be a Voice for the Voiceless.

From interfacing with our cities policymakers, business and faith leaders, to community organizing, there are so many ways to represent CCA ADVOCACY on behalf of our neighbors surviving on the streets.

Join the Outreach Movement.

Nothing overturns negative assumptions and opens the heart and soul to compassion and empathy like on-the-gound outreach work with CCA OUTREACH. Help bring hope, dignity, help and love to those surviving all around us everyday in our city.

Strategic Initiatives and Radical Solutions

We can make a difference and change lives forever if we can speak honestly with each other about the gaps impoverished people in our Colorado Springs face everyday and think “outside the box” of traditional solutions. CCA ADVOCACY is working on a number of strategic initiatives. Join a taskforce today!


YOU are the solution and the most valuable resource The Coalition for Compassion and Action (CCA) and Blackbird Outreach have. Only together can we take on a crisis as difficult and layered as homelessness in Colorado Springs.

We need the gifts you have to offer. Whether those are gifts of time, talents, connections, money or passion, we need them and you are the only place we are going to get the amazing things YOU have to give.

So take a risk. Put your passion to work in ways you never imagined possible and make real substantive changes for those truly in need in Colorado Springs.

Volunteer with The Coalition for Compassion and Action today!